Angelina Hart Versailles Bracelet

Versailles Bracelet

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Named after the royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France. This bracelet features 3 rows of brilliant and flawless Toujours Diamonds. 360 degrees of stunning illumination. 


  • Hartique Diamonds
  • White Gold Plated
  • 1.4 cm Wide


Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors- Endless Illumination for This Bracelet

Hall of Mirrors- the concept started at the Palace of Versailles where the halls were dimly lit to protect the ornate walls and ceilings from smoke. The mirrors in the palace's halls would reflect a few candle lights and thus illuminate the whole palace. My Versailles bracelet illuminates your wrist with an endless band of flawless Hartique Diamonds. You'll feel like royalty as you go about your day or night with the luxurious bracelet around your wrist.

Angelina Hart Versailles

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