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Eden Tote 40cm

Eden Tote 40cm

Regular price $375.00

You deserve the best! Indulge, spoil yourself, enjoy the finer things. This iconic design is coveted by women all over the world. When you see the exquisite quality of this handbag, no one will know that you didn't spend $15,000.00

So, why should it be available to only a discreet few? I think every woman deserves what she desires. But not every woman can spend $15,000.00 and up on a handbag! I think it is ridiculous to charge that much for a handbag. ( Is it made from magical unicorn leather and sewn by magical Parisian elves?) You can buy a car or put a down payment on a house for that much.

My Eden Tote is just as beautiful, perfect and glamorous. The attention to detail and the quality of the materials is the same as the one that will cost tens of thousands of dollars. I have selected the finest leather hides that are hand stitched by the most talented crafts people in the world. My palladium hardware shines bright like the sun. The smell of the pure leather is intoxicating. The most satisfying feeling is knowing that you own one of the most beautiful handbags for a fraction of the cost.  


All interior colors are the same as the exterior color, except for Noir. The interior for Noir is pink.  


  • Cruelty-Free fine Italian leather
  • Elegant silver palladium hardware
  • Silver palladium lock and key
  • 40cm
  • 15.7'' long, 8'' wide, 10.5'' high, 4'' handle



All Angelina Hart luxury leather handbags are hand crafted by our talented leathershop team. Our hides come from cows that live freely and their welfare is fundamental to the quality of their hides. Angelina Hart is an animal rights activist and will never compromise life for luxury. All of our leather has a natural finish, we never coat or treat our hides with polyvinyl chloride. Our natural process is reflected in the luxuriousness and quality of our handbags.


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