Angelina Hart Lady Asher Necklace
Angelina Hart Lady Asher Necklace
Angelina Hart Lady Asher Necklace
Angelina Hart Lady Asher Necklace Detail
Angelina Hart Lady Asher Necklace
Angelina Hart Lady Asher Necklace

Lady Asher Necklace

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June, 1985

With the passing of his aunt Vivian, James flew to England to settle her estate. Vivian spent her whole life living in Europe and although James was able to visit only a few times from the States, he was very fond of her. Vivian led a jet set lifestyle and always had interesting stories to tell of her travels. Vivian was beautiful and glamorous, always attending parties and vacationing with her friends. Although Vivian never married, James was surprised to learn that she left her entire estate to him. Vivian lived her final years on an old farm outside of London. It seemed such sharp contrast to the swanky penthouse that he remembered of her life in the city.

Vivian's Farm

 James liked the farm, it was quiet, peaceful and comfortable. He began to understand why Vivian wanted to retire there. He walked across the property to the back where there was an old barn. Inside there was a large object covered up with old dirty blankets. When James removed the blankets he discovered a 1950 Jaguar XK120. He had no idea that Vivian owned this beautiful car. Apparently, it had been sitting there for many years and was in dire need of a restoration. James was thrilled to have such an amazing project to work on. 

Jaguar XK120

James spent most days meticulously restoring Vivian's Jaguar. One day, when he removed a door panel to repair the window lift, he discovered a fine leather box hidden inside. When he opened it, he couldn't believe what he saw. It was a diamond necklace, and not just any diamond necklace. It was the famous necklace of Lady Asher. James recognized it from news reports in the 1950's. It had been taken in a very famous robbery by the elusive Cat Burglar.

The Cat Burglar was notorious in the 1950's and was responsible for over a dozen high profile jewelry robberies. The clever Cat Burglar was never caught, escaping with millions of dollars of jewelry. James suddenly realized that his aunt Vivian was the infamous Cat Burglar. Shocked, but also impressed with his aunt's past, James decided to keep Vivian's secret. The mystery of the Cat Burglar would live forever. 

This is an exact replica of Lady Asher's necklace that was stolen by the famous Cat Burglar. 

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