Angelina Hart Canary of Capri
Angelina Hart Canary of Capri
Angelina Hart Canary of Capri
Angelina Hart Canary of Capri

Canary of Capri

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August, 1952- Paris




It was another lavish party. Bollinger champagne served on the terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower and martinis served inside next to the band where Glenn Miller was playing "In the Mood". It was a glamorous affair. Everyone there was the guest of their host Mr. Roth, a very wealthy and corrupt banker. Mr. Roth was trying to entice guests with his latest investment deal. But Vivian was more interested in the outside exterior of the hotel.

She sipped her champagne on the terrace and studied the trellis that led up to the eighth floor balcony. On the top floor inside Mr. Roth's room, locked in a vault, was a priceless canary diamond necklace, The Canary of Capri. Mr. Roth had scammed investment money out of hard working people in order to obtain this necklace as a trophy. He also used their investments to finance his lifestyle including lavish homes, cars and parties. He had no remorse or guilt for the people and lives that he destroyed, continuing his lavish lifestyle was all that mattered.



Vivian saw an opportunity to make things right. She planned on stealing the Canary of Capri from Mr. Roth and selling it so she could return the money back to the people who had lost it. She waited for her opportunity on the terrace when no one was looking. She gracefully slid out of her silk evening gown revealing a black cat suit.

She stood on the railing of the terrace with the balance of a well-trained dancer and, with great precision, scaled the trellis up to the top floor balcony. There, she swung herself gracefully onto the balcony making sure not to make any noise that would alert the guard outside the front door of Mr. Roth's room. Vivian removed a lock pick, disguised as a barrette, from her blond hair and effortlessly picked the lock of the terrace door, silently slid it open and headed directly inside to the safe.

She leaned her ear next to the cold metal door of the safe. Holding her breath and listening to the intricate ticks of the lock wheel, she rotated the combination until she cracked it. Vivian opened the safe and gasped, for there it was, The Canary of Capri necklace. It was shining in the dark hotel room like a bright star in the sky. She paused for a moment to admire its beauty, then took the necklace and slid it down her décolletage, tiptoed back to the balcony and seemingly floated back down the ground. She ran to the street and jumped into her beautiful red Jaguar XK120 and sped off into the night.


Vivian's Jaguar

Two weeks later mysterious checks began arriving in the mail to all of the victims that Mr. Roth had scammed money from in order to purchase his decadent necklace. No one ever knew where the money came from or why it was returned. But lives were put back together and wrongs were made right.

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