Canary Drop Soirée Earrings that are part of the Toujours Collecton of fashion jewelry
Angelina Hart Canary Drop Soirée Earrings Model

Canary Drop Soirée Earrings

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Stunning, bold and breathtaking my canary drop earrings measure about 2.5 inches long, ensuring that you will sparkle from across the room. Hartique Diamonds are set in a romantic swirl design that tops a graceful and gorgeous pear shaped canary crystal. These earrings are a dramatic and decadent statement for any Soirée. 

  • Hartique Gems
  • Silver Plated
  • Stainless Steel Post- Non Allergenic
  • 6.5 cm Long
  • 1.7 cm Wide

Drop Earrings - Beauty By Design

When I set out to bring my Hartique Gems Collection to market I wanted to mark sure the gems were sustainable and ethical. In addition, the materials and craftsmanship put into each piece had to be first class. Last but not least, I had to make sure that each piece was a little nugget of design perfection. You cannot get any more perfect than the classic "dominate, sub-dominate, subordinate" relationship of these canary drop earrings. The large canary stone at the bottom of the drop is the dominate element of the design. This is followed by the sub-dominate center section of smaller stones. Lastly, the at the top we have the subordinate element. Each is wonderful in it's own way, but taken together they create the perfect poetry of balance, scale and proportion. These are the elements that designers strive for. What does all that mean to you? It means that these will look absolute fabulous on you!

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