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Art and craft come together to make Angelina Hart products

Quality and Excellence

"If you take care of something it will last for a long time." This is one of the "truisms" of life. All my products are imbued with this truism. Angelina Hart products are classic, timeless and will never go out of style. Good taste is always in fashion.

Our entire team is genuinely proud of the work they produce and our satisfaction is receiving feedback from our customers and exceeding their expectations in every way. We want you to enjoy and appreciate the entire shopping experience with us and cherish your Angelina Hart products for years to come. 

I have been a collector of some of the best women's accessories and now I'm creating the best. I want you to be able to enjoy my products for a lifetime. Make an investment in something that lasts. I hope my luxury collection brings you happiness and enjoyment into your life and that you enjoy using them every day.  

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Reconnect To Quality

Excellence is a habit, an art form, a practice. Quality should never be compromised. I am fond of the gilded age of the 1920's when there was so much emphasis on beauty, art, glamour and elegance. Today, so much of that has been lost. The formality and flare of everything has faded. I want to bring that back and combine it with the best of today's manufacturing technology. Reconnect with an era when excellence and care was appreciated. A time of ladies and gentlemen. Of classic elegance. I believe in the best of everything. I believe in producing goods of the highest caliber. Pieces that have that reflect the glamour that seems have been lost so long ago. I want to bring beauty into the world again. These are the standards all Angelina Hart pieces must achieve. I have sourced the best materials and found the best craftsmen from all over the world to bring my ides to life. I want to pass on that appreciation to you, and I hope you enjoy all the dreams, love and passion that goes into every one of my designs.

 Angelina Hart

About the Angelina Hart Crest and Fleur-de-lis

 My family crest dates back to the 1500's. The castle atop the shield represents this history. The lion represents strength and courage while holding a heart, giving love to the world. The Fleur-de-lis placed at the north, south, east and west positions, represent the 4 corners of the world. 

Angelina Hart Crest