Makeup Brushes - Types and Descriptions

After speaking with scores of professional makeup artists, brush artisans and state of the art manufacturers I have put together a collection of 27 must have makeup brushes. They are made from the finest materials and feature either natural or synthetic bristles depending on functionality. The following chart provides full descriptions of all the brushes in the set. Learn about their uses so you can get the look you want.

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Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Angled Blush Brush

Angled Blush Brush

For my Angled Blush Brush, I chose natural bristles, hand laid into the ferrule. This is a perfect brush for highlighting and contouring. This brush will give you the sculpted look you want on your face. This is the key to gorgeous cheekbones. Meet the enhancer of your gorgeous cheekbones! 


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart- Angled Eyeliner Brush

Angled Eyeliner Brush

For my Angled Eyeliner Brush, I chose synthetic bristles. They are much easier to clean and have a faster drying time. Moreover the synthetic bristles prevent bacteria build up. This precision brush can be used with wet or dry products. It rinses off easily. My slanted brush is pointy and firm, which makes products easy to apply because it can be held at any angle. You can create professional and precise lines with this wonderful brush. 



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Angled Shadow Brush

Angled Shadow Brush

 For my Angled Shadow Brush, these hand made natural bristles gather your shadow and contain it within the bristles during application for less fall out and waste. Apply eye shadow all over the eye area with light brush strokes. To create a softer look, apply the shadow just on the eyelid. The natural bristles will blend your loos or pressed shadows, and the soft bristles will give you a beautiful, even finish. 



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Blush Brush

Blush Brush

 For my Blush Brush, I chose natural bristles because they gather and hold the powder tighter and distribute the color evenly and flawlessly on your cheeks. The bouquet shape allows for easy and precise color application that creates a flawless, defined and sculpted look. You can use this brush to apply blush or bronzer. This is the perfect brush for adding that perfect color and glow to your cheeks. You'll be blushing from all the compliments you'll be receiving from the results of using this Blush Brush!



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrow Brush

For my Eyebrow Brush, I chose synthetic bristles molded into a beautiful tortoiseshell holder because they are easy to clean and wipe dry. This hand made, duel sided brush will be your go to tool for perfect for eyebrows and eyelashes. Use the bristled side to shape and groom your eyebrows to create a volumized, brushed effect. The bristle side is also excellent for blending brow color or prepping gels. 

The comb side separates eyelashes and removes mascara clumps after application. You can also use it on your brows to give them a beautiful polished look. This is an essential brush in my collection. 


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Eyelash Brush

Eyelash Brush

In the professional makeup world, it is essential to have an eyelash brush to separate clumpy mascara. And we all desire professional results. Before your mascara dries, gently comb your eyelashes through to keep them separated. Repeat this process after your mascara has dried and you'll be ready for your close up.



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner Brush

Professional results are all about getting the details right. And to get the details right, you need professional level tools. For my Eyeliner Brush, I created a thin top for exact line drawing. You can draw your lines as thin strokes until you get the line you want. It works best for cream, gel and liquid eyeliners. The small top allows for a perfect and precise line. 




Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Flat Angled Shadow Brush

Flat Angled Shadow Brush

For precise eyeshadow application, my Flat Angled Shadow Brush gently sweeps color across your eyelids. The angled tip is shaped to glide on your brow bone, eyelid, and under the eye for highlighting. This brush has a specific angle and width that creates perfect eye color contouring so you can apply eye shadow with accuracy and ease. The natural bristles are perfect for pressed or loose powders, and the soft hairs make a beautiful even finish. A professional makeup artists favorite!


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush

My Foundation Brush is a dense, flat-top brush designed for applying any foundation. I chose synthetic bristles due to the constant cleaning and drying this brush must endure. The bristles make it easy to remove the foundation product and are easy to wipe dry. The man made bristles also impede the build up of bacteria. It provides smooth, even application and makes blending easy while giving you a natural, seamless look. Whether it's a day out or a night out on the town, my Foundation Brush will be the foundation for your best looks.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Grand Blending Brush

Grand Blending Brush

The Grand Blending Brush features longer bristles than many of the brushes in my collection. This adds additional functionality as the soft, natural bristles taper to a dome to make this brush perfect for applying eye shadow across your eyelids, blending contour colors for a softer effect. It is also great for applying shimmer powders and blending shades seamlessly. The ideal brush for overall blending and applying highlight colors.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Grand Eyeshadow Brush 1

Grand Eyeshadow Brushes

I included 2 Grand Eye Shadow Brushes in my set to separate the lighter color applications from the darker ones. Nothing is worse than doing a beautiful black smokey eye for a dramatic night time effect and then needing to do a lighter eye for the day and having your eye shadow brush full of black shadow! No matter how much you brush the dark color off, it will still darken and stain your lighter shades. So, now you can have a brush for each desired look. The soft natural bristles have a beveled edge for smooth and gentle application. This soft curved brush is perfect for easy and precise eye shadow application. Believe me, the day will come where you're going to need the second brush for just the reason I described above and you'll say, "Thank you Angelina!"



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Grand Fan Brush

Grand Fan Brush

For my Grand Fan Brush, I choose natural bristles that have a bit more texture. This allows for a smoother application of product across the face. The natural bristles move more freely for perfect blending while minimizing waste. This makeup brush is perfect for applying blush, bronzer or highlighter to your face and décolletage. The Grand Fan Brush can also remove excess fallout powder from your cheeks and from the under eye area. It is an essential all around brush that I had to include in my powder brush set!


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Round Shadow Brush 2

Round Shadow Brushes

I have included 3 of these in my collection for a variety of color applications. No need to keep washing your brush of one color to apply another. One brush for light shades, one for medium tones and one for darker colors. These brushes are hand made using the finest natural bristles. It has a small, dome shaped head perfect for color application. This is a favorite of all the makeup artists I interviewed due to it's multitasking ability It can both blend and diffuse eye shadow. Having options in a luxury and luxury is what my products are all about.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Petite Blending Brush

Petite Blending Brush

Just like my Grand Blending Brush, the Petite model is hand assembled with soft natural bristles. They taper to a dome to make this brush perfect for applying eye shadow across your eyelids and blending contour colors for a softer effect. It is perfect for defining the crease of your eyelid and blending color. It is smaller for applying eye shadow on the inner part of your eyelid with a more precise application. The detailed effects you can achieve with the brush options in this collections are going to take your look to a whole new level of beautiful!



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Petite Concealer Brush

Concealer Brushes

For my Concealer Brushes, I choose synthetic bristles. I have included 2 concealer brushes in the collection, one for concealer and one for primer. They are easier to clean and have a faster drying time. This is essential in the professional makeup world and is a great feature to have at home also! The synthetic bristles will not trap bacteria and are specifically designed to help cover imperfections and blemishes for a clean, flawless look. Professional results require professional tools. My set provides the options you'll need for professional results.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Petite Eyeshadow Brush 1

Eyeshadow Brushes

I've included 2 Eye Shadow Brushes in my collection to separate the lighter color applications from the darker ones. Hand made from soft natural bristles, these brushes apply eye shadow easily for smaller areas or more precise and detailed application. Having two separate brushes for eye shadow is minimum in the professional makeup world. Get those professional results now with my beautifully designed and executed set.



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Petite Fan Brush

Petite Fan Brush

This brush is a must have by professional makeup artists and women everywhere. Using the finest, hand selected natural bristles, this brush is what you need to clean up and brush away fallout from eyeshadow. You can also use it for applying setting powder for a softer finish. You can apply bronzer, powder, and highlighter with this gentle brush, giving your look a softer appearance.  


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Powder Brush

Powder Brush

I choose natural bristles for my Powder Brush. The soft bristles capture and blend your powder evenly without wasting product. Each bristle grips the powder and prevents clumping and falling. It is best for both loose and compact powders, foundation, bronzer or blush. My Powder Brush is perfect for all over coverage. The large, round head is ideal for creating an even and smooth look. 


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Retractable Kabuki Brush

Retractable Kabuki Brush

My retractable Kabuki Brush is a necessity in any woman's handbag. With it's hand selected, all natural bristles, this brush has a full soft head for applying powders, highlighters and bronzers. The perfect brush for touch ups on the go. The brush head fully retracts and is covered by a cap. The cap protects the bristles of the brush while protecting the interior of your beautiful Angelina Hart handbag from getting full of makeup. A must have classic of style and elegance. I just had to include one in my collection.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Round Angle Shadow Brush

Round Angle Shadow Brush

For my Round Angled Shadow Brush, I selected the finest all natural bristles to caress your eyelids. The rounded countered edges is perfect for applying eye shadow in the crease and corners of your eye. It's full and thick head is great for blending the most dramatic effects.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Round Shadow Brush

Round Shadow Brush

My Round Shadow Brush is dome shaped and hand made of the finest natural bristles. Apply eye shadow with this brush for a soft smooth finish. It is perfect for adding color in an exact way to achieve the exact look you want. Get the professional results you want with the precision offered by this brush.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Shadow Brush

Shadow Brush

This dense, curved brush is perfect for applying eye shadow over the eyelid and highlighting under the eyebrow. Hand assembled from the finest bristles, this brush feels soft and gentle on your eyes. The natural bristles capture the right amount of shadow without waste allowing you to create the perfect look for that special occasion. 


Why 27 Makeup Brushes?

For years I, like you, purchased brushes individually and thought it would be nice if someone put all these together so I could make one purchase and have exactly what I needed. The sets that are available tend to be very low quality, lack any professional input in their execution, don't last very long and are not very pretty! 

Professional Brushes You Can Use Everyday

After extensive research and development my set was complete. I am so happy to share my brushes with you. I hope you'll appreciate the beautiful pearl white finish matched to the glamour of the gold ferrules. They are unique in that they are complete set, are pretty and elegant and are truly professional grade makeup brushes you can use everyday. I hope you enjoy them!