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Angelina Hart

Angelina exemplifies the independent successful woman of today. Her first love is horses which she started riding when she was four. She spent her formative years showing in dressage, cross-country, and hunter-jumper during which she became an accomplished equestrian. She later became involved in several horse rescue organizations. She helped place abused and neglected horses in loving and caring homes, while adopting and rehabilitating several horses herself.
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 Angelina's love of the ocean led her to become a scuba diving enthusiast, and she has been diving in many of the most beautiful and clear waters on the planet. Her passion for the ocean led her to become involved with several ocean preservation charities. From the first sweet kiss she received from a dolphin, she knew she wanted to help preserve the world's oceans and all its inhabitants. Aviation has also been a lifelong passion and Angelina is a private pilot. She truly epitomizes the adventurous lifestyle.
Angelina Hart Lifestyle

She has been involved in competitive motor sports and has owned several exotic cars and high performance motorcycles. These are some of these influences that come into play when she designs a new piece.
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