Eye Shadow Brushes - Types and Decrisptions

If you're like me, you want to spend more time doing the things you want to do and less time doing the things you don't. Does anyone really like spending time cleaning makeup brushes? That's why I have put together a collection of 4 must have eye shadow brushes. I call them my Essential Set. They are made from the finest materials and will save you time cleaning which means more time for the fun stuff!  The following chart covers full descriptions of all the brushes in the set. Learn their uses and how they can help you get the looks you want.


Eyeshadow Brushes by Angelina Hart - Round Shadow Brush

Round Shadow Brush

My Round Shadow Brush is dome shaped and hand made of the finest natural bristles. Apply eye shadow with this brush for a soft smooth finish. It is perfect for adding color in an exact way to achieve the exact look you want. Two of brushes use white or light bristles and are designed to be used with lighter colors. This is one of them.


Eyeshadow Brushes by Angelina Hart - Grand Blending Brush

Grand Blending Brush

The Grand Blending Brush features longer bristles than many of the brushes in my collection. This adds additional functionality. The soft, natural bristles taper to a dome to make this brush perfect for applying eye shadow across your eyelids and blending contour colors for a softer effect. It is also great for applying shimmer powders and blending shades seamlessly. Two of brushes use sable or dark bristles and are designed to be used with darker colors. This is one of them.


Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Grand Eyeshadow Brush 1

Grand Eye Shadow Brush

I included a Grand Eye Shadow Brush in this set to separate the lighter color applications from the darker ones. Nothing is worse than doing a beautiful black smokey eye for a dramatic night time effect and then needing to do a lighter eye for the day and having your eye shadow brush full of black shadow! No matter how much you brush the dark color off, it will still darken and stain your lighter shades. So, now you can have brushes for each of the darker colors. The soft natural bristles have a beveled edge for smooth and gentle application. This soft curved brush is perfect for easy and precise eye shadow application. The foundation of all eye shadow brushes.



Makeup Brushes by Angelina Hart - Shadow Brush

Shadow Brush

This dense, curved brush is perfect for applying eye shadow over the eyelid and highlighting under the eyebrow. Hand assembled from the finest bristles, this brush feels soft and gentle on your eyes. The natural bristles capture the right amount of shadow without waste allowing you to create the perfect look for that special occasion. This is the second brush using white or light bristles and is designed to be used with lighter colored product.


The Essential Eye Shadow Brushes

With so many different shades of eye shadow to choose from, having a single, or even two eye shadow brushes for application of product means you're spending a lot of time cleaning those brushes! For my Essential Set, I've made sure you have exactly the brushes you need to look your best. With 4 brushes, one for each shade of color you won't be spending those days cleaning brushes!

Professional Eye Shadow Brushes You Can Use Everyday

I am hoping this page is helpful in better understanding the potential of this set. I am so happy to be able to share my Essential Set with you. From the beautiful pearl white finish to the glamour of the gold ferrules, each brush is crafted to the highest standards. A complete set of professional grade eye shadow brushes you can use everyday. I hope you'll use the time you won't be spending cleaning your old brushes doing something meaningful and fun!