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  • Clean, elegant, compact design
  • Designed to be portable and travel with you
  • Hand made from the highest quality all natural bristles
  • 100% cruelty-free natural bristles
  • Retractable bristles keeps fibers safe and clean
  • Will not damage or ruin handbag interior
  • Beautifully finished in piano black and gold

Why This Kabuki Brush is So Good -

When I set out to design a Kabuki Brush, I wanted a lot from the design. It had to be truly portable. It had to be one you could put in your handbag and not have to worry about it taking up too much room or ruining the interior of the bag. These two things are so important to me. This facilitated the product being compact and having some way to cover the bristles when not being used. Having the bristles retract into the body was the answer along with a cap to protect both the bristles and bag interiors.

Once I knew it would be compact, portable, protected and use all natural, 100% cruelty free bristles, my attention turned to what it would actually look like. With the development of the rest of my designs happening at the same time, I wanted to do something visually with this model that would allow it stand alone, yet still look like an Angelina Hart product.

Drawing inspiration from classical music, I chose piano black with gold detailing. The gold details tie this brush back to the rest of my brush designs. It's timeless, classic and wonderfully elegant.

Angelina's Favorite  - The Kabuki Brush

This is one of my favorite brushes. My Kabuki Brush is always with me. I love it for touch ups on my face during the day. The all natural bristles are so soft and fluffy and feel so gentle on my skin. I use it to touch up my powder, bronzer or even my shimmer. The head is fully retractable and enclosed by the lid, so I never have to worry about damaging the bristles or getting the interior of one of my Angelina Hart handbags dirty! I never liked the idea of carrying full size makeup brushes in my purse. The bristles always get bent and damaged and the mess left behind in your bag never cleans up. I believe in keeping your nice things nice, taking care of your products and letting your products take care of you! That's why I love this brush- it is perfect for you and your handbag.





The following is a reprint of a review of this Kabuki Brush by Emma Dowling of "Emma and Out".

Have you ever heard of a Kabuki Brush? I know I hadn't, but if your an avid make up lover & adore nothing more than making your face up, then you really need one of these in your collection! This Kabuki Brush from Angelina Hart is not only a vital addition to a make up bag, but a beautiful one too! The colours are made up of black and gold, with a Fleur De Lis style mark on the top. The brush is also a really handy compact size, and can be easily popped into a travel make up bag without taking up too much space, and because of its design with the lid, you don't have to worry about any mess! You could even pop it in your purse or handbag for touch ups during the day while your at work or out and about!

Another thing I noticed about the Kabuki brush is that the bristles stay quite clean. They are made from 100% cruelty-free natural hairs, and it feels super soft against your face! (When I say I spent a good 10 minutes just rubbing it on my face when I received it.. I wish I was lying!) Honestly the softest brush I've ever felt. Kabuki brushes are generally used for powders, and so on my first test I decided to use it on my highlighter & see what happened.
So on the left I had swirled it in the pan a few times & it packed on quite a bit of the highlighter, but when I actually used it on my face it deposited a good amount of highlighter to the point I've now christened this my "Highlighter brush" haha. the photo on the right was after I had used it. The bristles had already become clean with no sign that it was ever used for highlighter... I was impressed! But I then decided the highlighter wouldn't be obvious enough on the right photo if it was there.. so I tried another experiment.

The left side was me literally swirling the brush in the pan once, it grabbed so much of the product I was worried how it would look on my face, but after buffing it in it looked absolutely fine! This is an old powder that I never use any more because It makes me look orange & I accidentally picked it up when trying this, but when I used the brush I found it didn't make me look orange like it would with a normal powder brush, although I still looked more orange than normal but not like, tango orange! The brush after use was also really clean with minimal to none visible signs it was ever used!

So overall I'm really impressed with this brush! Its going to be a staple from now on and has replaced all those pesky fully size powder brushes clogging up my make up bag! Kabuki brushes are a little more pricey than your average brush, but I feel its really worth it if your a make up lover & a regular traveler!

This Kabuki Brush is available from the Angelina Hart website retailing at $59 (Around £38). Shipping is free in America, But costs extra for oversea shipping for over here in the UK. The price is an absolute bargain for the product you get, I obviously wouldn't recommend it for anyone who's just looking for a brush to do their make up for school, but if your make up is your absolute passion, or you are fed up of packing full size (or even travel size!) brushes into your make up bags, and getting the lining dirty or damaging the bristles.

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