Luxurious and affordable, Angelina Hart Cosmetics comprises two categories: Cosmetics and glamorous Makeup Brushes. In each of these categories the high quality products are presented in striking, luxurious packaging inspired by glamour and Angelina's love of Art Deco. However, the packaging is not just designed with aesthetics in mind. The diamond style edges on the lipsticks are designed to help with gripping the products during application and the magnets make opening and closing an easy task.

Look beyond the appealing presentation and it becomes evident that behind the gloss and sophistication of the luxurious collection, there are solid foundations of a serious beauty brand. The investment into the best quality and Cruelty-Free ingredients are important cornerstones put in place to ensure that Angelina Hart Cosmetics maintains its promises as it moves forward into the future.

All Angelina Hart Cosmetics are 100% Cruelty-Free. Look beautiful and glamorous while being kind to animals.