Angelina Hart Tears of Antonio Necklace
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Angelina Hart Tears of Antonio Necklace

Tears of Antonio Necklace

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In a kingdom long ago lived a young princess, Isabella. Her father, King Galen ruled a country of prosperous land and riches. Princess Isabella was in love with her childhood sweetheart, Antonio, son of a poor farmer. Although Antonio was not from a rich family, Isabella loved him dearly. Antonio and Isabella's love grew as they did, but so did the disapproval of her father, the King. Antonio and Isabella promised each other eternal love, a love so pure and innocent.

On Antonio's 18th birthday he pledged to marry Princess Isabella and love her for all eternity. Isabella accepted despite her father's rejection. King Galen's country of Moldavia was now at war with the country of Leonia. The war was brutal and King Galen feared he would lose reign of his country. All men of Moldavia were obligated to sail far away to the shores of Leonia and fight to save their beloved country.

And so, Antonio would have to leave his beloved Isabella who begged for him not to go. But Antonio hoped that by leaving for war, he might gain the acceptance of King Galen. Saddened, Isabella promised to wait for Antonio's return, longing for him every day that he was far from her. 

Ten years later, with the war brutally dragging on, King Galen's only hope to save his country is to marry Isabella to a wealthy Prince of a neighboring country. Isabella refused several times in hope that her true love would someday return, though not knowing if Antonio was still alive. 

Weary from fighting the evil forces of Leonia, Antonio yearned for his love, Isabella. His heart broke more, with every mile and battle that took him further from her. As the years passed, his hopes of ever seeing Isabella again faded to despair. Every night Antonio cried for his lost love and as his tears fell to the ground, they turned into tears of diamonds.

Each tear he wept was a perfect diamond. Antonio knew that these tears must be a sign that he will someday be reunited with his love. He kept each diamond that he wept and made a necklace for Isabella. He dreamt of gracing her delicate neck with this magnificent necklace one day. That each tear of pain was transformed into a perfect symbol of his love. 

On the dreaded day of princess Isabella's wedding, with all hope lost, Isabella still wished that Antonio would return to her. She wanted to kiss him and be in his arms once more. She reluctantly put on her vale and gazed out her window upon the sea.

To her curiosity, she noticed a bright glistening on the horizon. It grew brighter and brighter as it came closer. She felt a brightness in heart and knew it could only be Antonio. Isabella raced from the castle to the shore, her heart pounding harder with every step she took. 

The ship came into the harbor, beaten and weathered from it's long and difficult journey. Isabella placed her hands over her throbbing heart as her eyes darted all over the ship. Then, a blinding light came forth. She saw Antonio. He was alive and returned for her. Isabella ran to him with overwhelming relief and joy. 

Antonio's forces had conquered Leonia and he now returned as it's King. He presented Isabella with the diamond necklace made from his Tears of Love and asked her to be his queen. She accepted with all of her heart's desire. King Galen, grateful that the war was over, gave his approval and blessing to Antonio.


The Tears of Antonio Necklace is inspired by the necklace that Antonio gave Isabella. 

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