Ultimate Women’s Leather Laptop Bag - A Journey To Perfection

Ultimate Women’s Leather Laptop Bag - A Journey To Perfection

My journey with the Grand Career Tote, the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag, began more than three years ago. I wanted to create the ideal handbag for professional businesswomen. 

I wanted a design that combined the functionality of a business tote and the beauty of a luxury leather handbag. Of course it had to be an elegant design hand made from the finest Italian leather hides by the most talented crafts people.

Early Development - Luxury Leather Handbag or Functional Laptop Bag?

During the first part of my journey, I studied the shapes and sizes of other luxury leather handbags as well as many women’s business tote bags. I examined their quality and functionality. I judged whether the bag was a good value. 

 I became an expert on leather quality, stitching and hardware. I had to measure and re-measure tablets, cell phones and laptops in order to design the perfect fitting pockets for each of those items. I became an expert on foam in order to determine the correct amount of padding on the interior pockets to protect the tablets and laptops. 

 Several different drop lengths were studied. The length of the shoulder straps are 23 inches. I specifically decided on this measurement in order for the handbag to fit comfortably on all body types. I was consumed by every detail that went into my Grand Career Tote. I truly wanted it to be the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag. All this work was the easy part.

Women’s Leather Laptop Bags – Is This Were The Fun Begins?

Most of my three-year journey with my Grand Career Tote was spent trying to find the most talented and skilled people to make the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag. I was looking for people who shared my belief of quality and perfection. 

 My design and vision for my Grand Career Tote is only as good as the next person I handed off to. That is a very critical reality. This began the next part of my journey. 

I worked with several different vendors all over the world only to be disappointed every time I received a sample of my luxury leather handbag. 

It’s very hard to build the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag if you’re getting samples back that are of poor quality, using cheap leather or stitched as if they were drunk and blind. 

Some of them flat out lied to me about the dying process of the leather. One vendor didn't have a roof and every time it rained, which was often, the hides would never dry. You would think that having a roof is pretty basic, but not for that unfortunate bunch. 

 I learned that it would have been easier for me to build a rocket ship from scratch! It wasted a tremendous amount of time, money and patience. And everyone who knows me knows that I have no patience. Do they sell patience at Neiman Marcus because I never bought any? 

I can't even count how many times I cried and wanted to give up. But I don't have any room in my life for defeat.

Functional Luxury Leather Handbags - Finally

Many countries later, I found a wonderful group of craftsman in Italy. They shared my same sense of quality, perfection and consistency. They take pride in their work just like I do. And together we produced the Grand Career Tote, the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag. 

I sourced the finest leathers from cows that live freely and their welfare is fundamental to the quality of their hides. I am an animal rights activist and will never compromise life for luxury. My natural process is reflected in the luxuriousness and quality of my handbags. I'm always telling people “Luxury Doesn't Kill”. 

The Grand Career Tote is the perfect solution for professional businesswomen. It is also is a great travel and overnight handbag. The front design of the Grand Career Tote features my signature diamond-stitching pattern. 

I also referred to it as my corset design. It is feminine, timeless and classic. It is a design that looks good today and will look good 20 years from now. It is a design that will never go out of style. 

The back of the handbag features a full-length rear pocket. This is my favorite place to slide my cell phone. There are no zippers to scratch your nails, rings or cell phone. The inside of my handbag is lined with my signature golden fabric. It is soft and silky to the touch. The light interior allows you to see and find your item easily. 

There are several interior side pockets for optimal organization. The removable center pouch is padded and adds added protection to whatever you place inside. I love putting all of my cosmetics, brushes and toiletries in my center pouch. It's very easy for me to remove that from my handbag and take into a bathroom. I set out to design the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag and finally, I feel I have something that achieves this goal. I love this handbag. It really is perfect.

I was never going to give up and I was never going to settle. I was going to create the best or nothing at all. It's been a long journey of hard work and frustration but I have finally arrived at my perfect destination. And now I want all of you to enjoy the results of all of my hard work. I want you to enjoy the Grand Career Tote for the wonderful, luxury leather handbag that it is.

“Together we produced the Grand Career Tote, the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag”

 The Grand Career Tote