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SDVoyager Interview

Angelina Hart is a designer of women’s luxury accessories that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Her passion and commitment to produce beautiful luxury products in a sustainable way distinguishes her from other mass produced designers. The craftsmanship and exclusivity of her products makes each one a treasure to own.

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Angelina Hart and James Bond

James Bond has always been my hero. Not a particular movie actor of a particular generation playing James Bond, but the original Ian Flemming character. Like many women, I grew up watching James Bond movies and thinking he was the most charismatic, suave and debonair man I'd ever seen. A man of action and talent. Writer Ayn Rand referred to Flemming's Bond work and other books like them as "bootleg romanticism". Writing of Flemming's type communicated a life-affirming theme of heroism wrapped in personal struggled, simplified in an entertaining way. For a young person, these ideas and the characters that represent them can be very powerful. Take exciting books and make exciting movies out of them and it's not hard...

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