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SDVoyager Interview

Angelina Hart is a designer of women’s luxury accessories that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Her passion and commitment to produce beautiful luxury products in a sustainable way distinguishes her from other mass produced designers. The craftsmanship and exclusivity of her products makes each one a treasure to own.

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Ultimate Women’s Leather Laptop Bag - A Journey To Perfection

My journey with the Grand Career Tote, the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag, began more than three years ago. I wanted to create the ideal handbag for professional businesswomen.  I wanted a design that combined the functionality of a business tote and the beauty of a luxury leather handbag. Of course it had to be an elegant design hand made from the finest Italian leather hides by the most talented crafts people. Early Development - Luxury Leather Handbag or Functional Laptop Bag? During the first part of my journey, I studied the shapes and sizes of other luxury leather handbags as well as many women’s business tote bags. I examined their quality and functionality. I judged whether the bag was...

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Ultimate Business Handbags - Behind the Design

Today we are celebrating the launch of the ultimate women's leather business handbags, the Grand Career Tote, with it's designer, Angelina Hart. Angelina and I sat down to discuss the genesis of her new design, her inspirations and what she hopes to achieve with her leather business handbags.  JD- Since this is your first designer leather handbag, can you tell our readers a bit about your background, where you are coming from and how you got into designing women’s luxury products?  AH - I grew up in a very European influenced home. Being half German and half Yugoslavian, I had a lot of exposure to different languages, cultures and food. This inspired me to travel and explore the world. I was also very adventurous...

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