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SDVoyager Interview

Angelina Hart is a designer of women’s luxury accessories that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Her passion and commitment to produce beautiful luxury products in a sustainable way distinguishes her from other mass produced designers. The craftsmanship and exclusivity of her products makes each one a treasure to own.

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Angelina Hart Boutique Finally Opens!

You often hear people talk of someone being an overnight success. As if this particular person, a singer, painter, actor, etc. was a grocery clerk yesterday and today they are winning an academy award. It's a way to frame a story, but rarely if ever true. What people never talk about is the back story. The years of schooling, struggle, and work that went into becoming an "overnight success". Things take time. Anything worth doing takes time. If you have a dream, the time between when you come up with it and when you realize it can be enormous. Years, even decades can go by. People can spend their entire lives chasing a dream and trying to make it real....

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