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SDVoyager Interview

Angelina Hart is a designer of women’s luxury accessories that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Her passion and commitment to produce beautiful luxury products in a sustainable way distinguishes her from other mass produced designers. The craftsmanship and exclusivity of her products makes each one a treasure to own.

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Diamonds of Deception- Lies from the Diamond Industry

My Hartique Gems jewelry line promotes life. Luxury doesn't kill. I enjoy reading articles from others who share my opinion on diamonds. I hope my readers find this insightful and enlightening.  "People like to think that when they’re giving someone a diamond engagement ring, they’re harkening back to some glorious tradition passed down through the ages. In reality, they’re harkening back to a “tradition” that began less than a hundred years ago. A tradition created, conveniently enough, by a diamond cartel. You see, in the 1930s, exactly no one was buying diamonds–what with it being the depression and all. People were ostensibly too busy hoarding tin foil and living in Hoovervilles to shower anyone with sparkly, overpriced gemstones. The DeBeers Corporation...

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The Real Cost of Real Diamonds

How much did you pay to have a child murdered? Do you know what your diamond really costs? So, what is the actual cost of murder? Yes, murder. That is what you paid for, not that worthless hunk of stone. You paid for the hard work of a child to mine your diamond out of the earth. You paid for the death of that child. All so you can have a shiny, over priced pressed piece of coal on your wedding finger, and most likely, it won't be on there forever and ever. You will spend more on your divorce lawyers than you did on your engagement ring. The disillusion of your eternal promises costs more that the murder of...

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