Angelina Hart Talks Women's Business Handbags, Jewelry and Values

Angelina Hart Talks Women's Business Handbags, Jewelry and Values

Recently, I got to sit down with American Designer Angelina Hart to discuss her women's business handbags, jewelry and other products in a one on one interview. We also got to speak about the values that all Angelina Hart products are imbued with.

Angelina Hart Boutique 

JDK -  What are the brand values of Angelina Hart? 


AH - Luxury doesn't kill. It means you can be luxurious and have luxurious things without having to kill for it. You can have a closet full of faux fur coats. The faux fur coats look and feel just as real as an animal fur coat, except that no animals were killed in the making of that coat.


It would absolutely crush me to wear a fur coat made up of all of those dead little souls. I feel like it would haunt me. Same concept with diamonds. I would rather own a lab created diamond than a blood diamond. It means that it is 2017 now, we have evolved and progressed from hunter gatherer humans and don't have to go around killing for everything we want. 


JKD - What is your definition of luxury? 


AH - I like to think of luxury as smart luxury. I'm trying to enlighten and educate people on the alternatives for spending money. Take diamond engagement rings for example. Most people are unaware how little a diamond will hold its value. It is actually one of the worst investments for you.


If you go to sell a diamond, you'll get anywhere between 5% and at the most 20% of what you paid for it. It would be much smarter to purchase a lab created diamond and save a lot of money. Then put that money towards something more important, like buying a house or starting a college fund for your future children.



JKD - How does smart luxury relate to your products? How are your women's business handbags made?


AH - My women's business handbags are hand made from cows that live freely. They live a very humane and natural life and this is reflected in the fine quality of the leather. It was very important for me to not source leather from slaughterhouses or use other animals and claim that it is cow leather.


Angelina Hart Grand Career Tote


A very popular male designer, whom I cannot tolerate, was recently busted for using dogs to produce his handbags. This sickened me when I found out about it. I never want my brand to be associated with any kind of inhumane slaughtering of innocent animals like that.


JKD - You mentioned diamonds earlier. Tell me about your jewelry line, Hartique Gems.


AH - It was very important for me to create my own line of lab-created gems. I called them Hartique Gems. By using lab created gems, we are forever preserving the Earth and its natural resources.


I have been against blood diamonds and the diamond industry for many years. I wanted to offer people an alternative. With my Hartique Gems, you get a perfect, flawless diamond that has the best color cut and clarity. They're eco-friendly and no one died in the making of them.


I do not believe that I life should be sacrificed in order to mine a diamond out of the Earth. We live in an age now where we can grow diamonds in a fancy microwave. No one needs to die anymore. If the mining of diamonds stopped today, there would be enough diamonds to supply the world for the next 20 years.


They are not rare like people have been brainwashed to believe. My Hartique Gems allow people to buy luxurious lab-created diamonds without having a guilty conscience. My jewelry is luxurious and beautiful. My designs have been inspired by some of the most famous jewelry pieces in history.


The slogan "a diamond is forever" is a lie. My Hartique Gems are forever,  forever preserving the Earth and protecting lives. That's what forever is for. If we don't protect what we have now and preserve what we have now, there will be nothing left and there will be no future.


JKD - Lastly, can you speak about your makeup brushes?  How are your makeup brushes made? 


AH - My line of professional makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free. I chose the finest all natural bristles that are sourced from animals that raised humanely. It costs me more to produce my makeup brushes this way, but it is worth it to me. Protecting the lives of animals is extremely important to me. I have been an animal rights advocate my whole life. 


Angelina Hart Makeup Brushes


JKD -  What is your definition of value today? How do your products reflect this? 


AH - I think it's important for everyone to realize the alternatives when shopping for luxury goods. We live in a time when it is no longer necessary to kill in order to produce luxury. Things can be replicated and manufactured. We can grow the perfect diamonds that have flawless color and clarity. This is the new way of manufacturing luxury-goods. I have created all of my products in an eco-friendly manner. We can all live luxuriously while preserving and healing the Earth.


"My women's business handbags are hand made from cows that live freely..."