Hartique Gems Jewelry - Bringing the Glamour Back!

Hartique Gems Jewelry - Bringing the Glamour Back!

My whole life I always gravitated towards the glamorous side of life. And one of the simplest ways to add glamour to any moment of any day is with jewelry. Jewelry isn't just for others to admire on you, but it is for you to enjoy how it feels on you and how it makes you feel. Jewelry that captures a certain glamour. It is beautiful, formal and elegant.

Not that hippie garbage that is made out of hemp rope and wooden beads. These aren't friendship bracelets that 12 year old girls are trading at the playground. My jewelry reflects the same aesthetic appeal of any expensive boutique on Rodeo Drive. My Hartique Gems collection is superior to those overpriced boutiques in many ways. My gems are all conflict free, no one was harmed or killed in the making of my gems. They are all flawlessly created in a lab which eliminates the harsh mining on the earth's resources.


Another appeal to my collection is the price. It's a sad moment when you realize you don't have a spare $250,000 for a bracelet to wear to dinner. Rather than wasting your child's college fund, you can purchase my Versailles Bracelet for a fraction of the cost and still have plenty of money left over to do something wise and good with it. With natural stones, you have flaws and imperfections. With my Hartique Gems, there are no imperfections, every stone has the perfect clarity, cut and brilliance. Each looks like a perfect flawless diamond. I always say "Luxury doesn't kill!" That is an important motto to live by.

I own a large collection of many luxury items, but I will never buy something that someone lost their life over. I don't care how big, impressive or expensive a diamond is- if a miner was killed over the acquisition of that diamond, then it has lost all of it's beauty and appeal. I value life over objects. I have morals and a conscious. I have a room full of fur coats and each one is faux fur. I proudly wear them and love them. They all look and feel so soft! Why would you ever kill a little animal just to wear it's fur like some prized barbarian parading around in your latest murder! I have several animals in my family and couldn't bear to think of treating them anything less than family. When I put on a beautiful ring, necklace, or any piece of jewelry, it always makes me smile and feel glamorous. It brightens my day inside and out. I always hear women ask, "Where would I wear that?" The question should be, "Where wouldn't you wear that?"

Jewelry is an outward expression of the sparkles and love inside of you. I believe that you can wear any jewelry at any time for any occasion. Of course we all have special occasions, birthday's, anniversaries, charity events, etc. that call for more formal wear and accessories to match. But what about everyday life? Shouldn't each day be a bit special and a celebration? I know it might sound crazy, but I love to pair jeans with diamonds. The mix between casual and formal makes for a fun fashion statement. It is a quick way to dress up any casual attire. Even going to yoga class, you can wear a simple pair of diamond studs to make it more special and dress up your yoga pants and t-shirts. Jewelry makes you feel beautiful and glamorous whenever you wear it. It adds a sparkling touch that will have you stand out. You will be noticed, complimented and admired. And that is not a bad thing to add to even the most simplest of days.

This is part of my mission to bring back the glamour.

With or wirthout fashion jewlery, Joan Collins was the epitome of glamour

It has been decades since we had a glamorous and fashionable style. The 80's was the last decade that there was any sense of glitz and glamour. Just watch Dynasty or The Colby's and you will see what I mean! Since the 90's, style has been going downhill. We suffered through what I always think of as the "Dark Ages", the grunge era of the 90's. People had no shame dressing up like lumberjacks. Plaid flannel somehow replaced silk and satin and people in general dressed more and more unattractively. I was in Seattle at the time so I have a first hand account of how bad is got and I am still trying to recover from it!

Now in the 2000's, workout clothes have replaced any effort in dressing up. People look the same during the day as they looked when they went to bed. No one really cares to change clothes before or after the gym, they just stay in permanent workout attire. Sure I know it's comfortable, but come on ladies! Sweat is not the new body shimmer! To dress up today, women put on their expensive yoga pants, instead of their cheap ones! If our fashion continues down this path, we may all be wearing our pajamas to the mall, on an airplane or out to to dinner with friends. 

A woman in need of some luxury jewelry

So, from lumberjacks to gym rats, there is a lot lacking in the glamour department. I want to change that! I want to bring back the beauty and glamour that we all have inside of us. And I want that to show on the outside!  There is no need for a special occasion in order to wear jewelry. Any day is the perfect day to dress your best and glitter and shine with jewels! And if anyone questions you, tell them Angelina Hart said it was OK.

"Jewelry is an outward expression of the love inside of you."


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