Angelina Hart Kabuki Brush Review by Emma Dowling

Angelina Hart Kabuki Brush Review by Emma Dowling

As with any new product launch, we have been busy contacting people in the industry to have a long look at what I have designed and do a review. The process can take some time. You have to first make the initial contact, then ship the product. The the person doing the review has to have a chance to use the product, then write and finally post the review. Sometimes they will shoot their own photos to accompany their writing.

I was contacted by Emma Dowling of "emma and out" who was looking to review one of my products. Emma writes about beauty, fashion and life. In many ways were are similar in that we are both starting out and trying new things. I wanted to support her in her venture and sent her a kabuki brush for her to review.

Emma has had a chance to use it and has posted her review. She has some very insightful parts of her review that I would like to share. First off, Emma took some wonderful photos. Her opening photo of the top of my Kabuki Brush with some flowers and a pedant was quite a surprise to see. This was quite unexpected and made me smile.

The Kabuki Brush by Angelina Hart photographed by Emma Dowling

I was glad to see Emma appreciated the design of my kabuki brush. Early in the review she states, "This Kabuki Brush from Angelina Hart is not only a vital addition to a make up bag, but a beautiful one too! The colours are made up of black & gold, with a Fleur De Lis style mark on the top."

Another aspect of the design Emma was quick to point out was the compact size and how convenient and handy it is to have a Kabuki Brush with these features. She notes, "The brush is also a really handy compact size, and can be easily popped into a travel make up bag without taking up too much space, and because of its design with the lid, you don't have to worry about any mess! You could even pop it in your purse or handbag for touch ups during the day while your at work or out & about!"

Then things really heat up and Emma puts the brush through it's paces. Ultimately, this is where the quality of the materials and care of assembly should really show through. This is what Emma found: "Another thing I noticed about the Kabuki brush is that the bristles stay quite clean. They are made from 100% cruelty-free natural hairs, and it feels super soft against your face!"

The Kabuki Brush with powder photographed by Emma Dowling

When I had the opportunity to choose the materials for not only this brush, but all my makeup brushes, I was shown bristles that were much cheaper, not natural, and basically would have created a product I would not have wanted to put my name on. I knew that choosing the best materials was the right thing to do. When all was said and done and the dust settled, Emma wrote, "So overall I'm really impressed with this brush! Its going to be a staple from now on and has replaced all those pesky fully size powder brushes clogging up my make up bag! Kabuki brushes are a little more pricey than your average brush, but I feel its really worth it if your a make up lover and a regular traveler!"

One last thing that made me realize we are on the right track, placing such a high priority on putting quality makeup brushes into the world was a comment Emma made towards the end of her review. She states, "The price is an absolute bargain for the product you get...". It is also a credit to Emma that she was able to focus on the value my Kabuki Brush represents and not just the price. I appreciated this immensely. You can read the full review here: emma and out.

Emma Dowling on the Angelina Hart Kabuki Brush - "The price is an absolute bargain for the product you get..."