Angelina Hart Boutique Finally Opens!

Angelina Hart Boutique Finally Opens!

You often hear people talk of someone being an overnight success. As if this particular person, a singer, painter, actor, etc. was a grocery clerk yesterday and today they are winning an academy award. It's a way to frame a story, but rarely if ever true. What people never talk about is the back story. The years of schooling, struggle, and work that went into becoming an "overnight success".

Things take time. Anything worth doing takes time. If you have a dream, the time between when you come up with it and when you realize it can be enormous. Years, even decades can go by. People can spend their entire lives chasing a dream and trying to make it real. One of the keys to making sure you can realize your dreams is to align your dream with some natural talent or genetic predisposition. If you're 6'3" and want to be a professional jockey, there is a 100% chance that you will not realize your dream. It's not going to happen no matter how passionate you are about riding a race horse in the Kentucky Derby.

About a year and half ago I was approached about developing some products for a line of women's accessories. I had spent most of my adult life collecting and consulting on high end luxury handbags. I felt that I had a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn't. I knew about the history of the industry and who was doing what. I have a passion for these products and for quality. But if I was going to have products and a new online store with my name on them, I had a lot to learn.

Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed, but those feelings were soon replaced by the passion and drive that I have always brought to any challenge. I wanted the Angelina Hart Boutique to happen even though I did not know what form it would eventually take. So the work began.

I have done several custom jewelry designs as well as several houses and a line of furniture. For the website, I started putting together an image board of my life, inspiring words and images and what I wanted the site to look like. Colors, textures, fonts, images, all the elements that go into a successful site.

Angelina Hart Jewelry Designs

On the product side, I began working on designs for handbags, makeup brushes and makeup storage boxes as well as some additional leather accessories. It can be overwhelming to be juggling so many things at the same time, but I had some excellent, very knowledgeable people around me and slowly the designs started to take shape. I still have the original drawings for the first handbag design hung in my office. It reminds me of how far I have come.

Many times when we are pursing a dream we need the to be reminded along the way of small achievements. The realization of a dream is essentially built on a series of small day to day accomplishments. There will be days when things do not go your way and you need these "signposts" to keep you on track and remind you to keep pushing.

So as I launch the Angelina Hart Boutique, please realize that this was in no way an overnight success. There is quite an extensive back story. One filled with heartache, turmoil, challenges and ultimately success. The store is live and orders are being taken. Please join me in this wonderful, new journey!


"The Angelina Hart Boutique was going to happen even though I did not know what form it would eventually take"