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The new makeup brushes by american designer angelina hart

With an online store you fall into a chicken and egg situation as in, which comes first, the products or the store? Just like in the brick and mortar world, there is no sense opening an store if you do no have anything to sell. At the same time it's hard to sell products online without an online store. Sure there are alternatives like ebay and amazon but it's hard to control the presentation on sites like those.

As I mentioned in my last post, designs for the site and for the products were happening concurrently. The plan was to have the site just about complete just as the first products were just about complete. In the end it all worked out. The first products arrived and the site went live.

 I chose makeup brushes to lead the line because they were the product area that kept bringing me the most grief whenever I went out shopping for them. So many choices, so many options, makeup brush sets, separates, low end junk and extremely expensive "designer" names. Which to choose but more importantly why! Why choose one set of makeup brushes over another? What makes a more expensive brush better than the ones you see at say, a pharmacy? I felt that if I could help tell that story, help explain the reason behind this, I would be helping women choose more wisely. Knowledge is power ladies!

It is so confusing to go shopping and try to pick out all the brushes separately. Not only is it stressful but it raises the price of a set of brushes very quickly! This was another motivator behind offering a complete set. Could a complete set of makeup brushes be offered that would be a fraction of the cost of the same set built one brush at a time? And could that set, over time, prove to be an outstanding value due to the exceptional quality and beautiful design?

What about stand alone brushes or optional makeup brush sets? The answer is yes and yes. I'm offering several sets of makeup brushes and my kabuki brush. It's the most versatile of all makeup brushes and my design set out to meet a very strict set of criteria. My makeup brush sets start at my 3 pc. Foundation Brush set and go all the way up to my complete 27pc makeup brush set.

Here is the current list -

27pc. Professional Makeup Brush Set

5pc. Powder Brush Set

7pc. Deluxe Eyeshadow Brush Set

4pc. Eye Makeup Brush Set

4pc. Essential Eyeshadow Brush Set

3pc. Foundation Brush Set

 For the design, I wanted my brushes to look like jewelry. As having designed several pieces of jewelry for my private collection, I wanted to have the same image reflected in my brushes. I looked at so many finishes for the handles and so many finishes for the ferules. I ultimately choose colors and finishes that spoke to my sense of beauty and my experience with jewelry design. The pearl wood handles with gold ferules resemble an elegant pearl necklace with a golden clasp. Simple right? Beautiful and elegant, you bet!

The glamorous makeup brushes by american designer angelina hart

Today everyone seems so rushed and the sense of glamour doesn't seem to matter. I love elegance as most women do, and my goal was to create elegance that every woman could own. If you're looking for an alternative to the makeup brush set marketed to teenage girls, or the astronomically cost to build a set one brush at a time, give my new brushes a good look.


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"Makeup brushes were the product area that kept bringing me the most grief whenever I went out shopping for them"

Angelina Hart
Angelina Hart