July 12, 2017

Paula Martin Nevado for Angelina Hart Boutique


Paula Martin Nevado for Angelina Hart Boutique


Angelina Hart is collaborating with Spanish actress Paula Martin Nevado for a new ad campaign entitled "Mysterious Luxury". Ms. Nevado will be featured in upcoming print and film spots. The ads will highlight Angelina Hart's Hartique Gems jewelry collection and the Grand Career Tote from her handbag collection. 

"I am excited to be working with Paula. She is a wonderful actress and I love the way she expresses the emotions of my products. I'm going to take a different creative approach with these commercials. I want to get away from the typical product advertising style. It was important to collaborate with someone like Paula who can help express my brand in a unique and enticing way," stated Angelina.

The ads, due out towards the end of Summer 2017, are an artistic expression of the glamour and sensuality of Angelina Hart designs. Paula Martin Nevado, an accomplished actress from Spain, will be the mystery woman featured in the ads.

Professional Makeup Brush Set - Makeup Colors For Your Horoscope

Here are some ideas for beautiful and unique eyeshadow application. Try a new look with beauty advice from the stars! You can easily achieve these cosmic themes when using my Professional Makeup Brush Set. My set includes several eyeshadow brushes so you never have to worry about cross color contamination when trying new shades. Have some fun shining like a star! 

If you have a question about my Professional Makeup Brush Set, click on to the contact page. 

Professional Makeup Brush Set


These Makeup Colors Will Bring out Your Sign's Most Beautiful Traits
These Makeup Colors Will Bring out Your Sign's Most Beautiful Traits


If you’re a reader, we probably don’t need to tell you that your zodiac sign has a birthstone or crystal that can empower you by invoking your standout qualities. What you might not know is that your sign also has a star-designated color palette—and tapping into it with the makeup you choose can amplify your beauty in pretty miraculous ways.
As an astrology buff and beauty industry veteran who’s worked with some of the best makeup artists in the world, Krista Madden has spent years studying which shades work best for each sign. She even created the MYSIGN collection, which, we must say, nails it for editors Genevieve (a Capricorn), Anna (a Libra), and Narayana (a Scorpio). We were so instinctively drawn to the palettes she chose for our signs that we asked Madden to recommend the most magical eye makeup colors and techniques for every sign.
Read on for her insightful tips and suggestions. And if you’re not typical for your sun sign, Madden suggests you might look at your rising and Moon sign colors instead; also, find out where Venus, the ruler of beauty, sits in your chart, and check out that sign’s colors, too!


The best colors for Aries
The first of the fire signs, forceful Aries loves to stand out and be the star of the show. That’s why your palette just has to be based around passionate, hot-headed red. Fearless as you are, though, you’re not always feeling fiery. That’s why a good Aries palette will feature a soft brick color and a darker brown, which blend to make a gorgeous, warm, smoky eye.  

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Taurus
Taurus is one of the warmest and most passionate of the grounded earth signs; orange, deep brown, and earthy tan should all feel perfect on you. Don’t be dull, though! Any brown you pick should sparkle with flecks of gold to reflect your love of luxury and glamour.

Angelina's Tip: Use my Flat Angled Shadow Brush. 

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

 The best colors for Gemini
Gemini is ruled by Mercury and associated with the sunny shade of yellow; a positive and uplifting sign, you can also change moods in an instant. Channel the famous Gemini Marilyn Monroe and choose silver, gold, and glittering navy to amplify all aspects of your electric personality.

Angelina's Tip: Use my Round Shadow Brush. 

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Cancer
Ruled by the moon, this maternal sign is associated with soft, nurturing and feminine colors; it’s also a water sign, so mix in some green, too. Need inspiration? Nobody rocks metallic green liner more effortlessly than iconic Cancer, Selena Gomez.

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Leo
This fire sign is born smack in the middle of summer, the brightest and most glorious time of year. The Leo is fierce, proud, and regal—and understandably drawn to the limelight. Your colors are golden, vibrant and sexy—perfect for a summer evening when you just want to be the heat and the glow.

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Virgo
The last of the earth signs, the Virgo loves natural beauty—with a touch of drama. (Think Palm Springs at dusk, with the Bougainvilleas in full bloom and the stars twinkling.) Your palette starts with a neutral, sandy base and builds up to an electric purple. Classic, just like stunning Virgos Beyoncé, Salma Hayek, and Blake Lively.

Angelina's Tip: Use my Eyeshadow Brush. 

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Libra
The sign for harmony and love, the Libra palette has to have soft pinks that are feminine, pretty, and peace-loving. Mix that soft pink with a dark grey and you have the perfect smoky eye, à la Kim Kardashian: well-defined, with lots of highlight and contour in the crease.

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Scorpio
Scorpio colors are associated with transformation. You feel everything intensely, even if you don’t always show it. So your colors should be bold and intense too—blood red, crimson, maroon, and purple. Famous Scorpios Katy Perry, Emma Stone, and Scarlett Johansson wear these strong colours effortlessly, and you can too.

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Sagittarius
The last of the fire signs is ruled by positive, uplifting Jupiter. Your magic colors are purple and dark blue—the perfect party-girl palette. Add either metallic brown or aqua, depending on just how feisty you’re feeling; then fix your bow and arrow on your next destination. Not surprisingly, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj can all be found on #teamsagittarius.

Angelina's Tip: Use my Grand Blending Brush. 

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Capricorn
Greys and browns may sound boring, but when you transform that grey into a dark metallic silver, the look is powerfully gorgeous. Add a touch of bronze, and this reliable and steady earth-sign palette will never let you down. The most relatable-yet-inspirational Capricorn of all, Kate Middleton, wears these colors all the time, so enough said!

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Aquarius 
Airy Aquarius, you don’t often show it, but you can be anxious. That’s why your colors are calming turquoise and aquamarine. Try blending in an inky navy close to the lid for a darker, sexier look before heading out for the evening. With this palette, you’ll stay beautifully centered and at ease, no matter what madness the night brings.  

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

The best colors for Pisces 
The dreamiest and most romantic of the water signs, Pisces has to wear the colors of the sea. Luminous aqua and golden green mimic sun on water, making you feel limitless. Your inspiration? Creative, surf-loving Rihanna: When the mood strikes her, she just dives in—and why not?

Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush Set

 Top illustration by Beatriz Naranjalidad.

The Angelina Hart Professional Makeup Brush set gives you all the brushes you need to achieve all of the looks shown in this blog plus so many others. 

April 18, 2017

Angelina Hart Talks Women's Business Handbags, Jewelry and Values

Recently, I got to sit down with American Designer Angelina Hart to discuss her women's business handbags, jewelry and other products in a one on one interview. We also got to speak about the values that all Angelina Hart products are imbued with.

Angelina Hart Boutique 

JDK -  What are the brand values of Angelina Hart? 


AH - Luxury doesn't kill. It means you can be luxurious and have luxurious things without having to kill for it. You can have a closet full of faux fur coats. The faux fur coats look and feel just as real as an animal fur coat, except that no animals were killed in the making of that coat.


It would absolutely crush me to wear a fur coat made up of all of those dead little souls. I feel like it would haunt me. Same concept with diamonds. I would rather own a lab created diamond than a blood diamond. It means that it is 2017 now, we have evolved and progressed from hunter gatherer humans and don't have to go around killing for everything we want. 


JKD - What is your definition of luxury? 


AH - I like to think of luxury as smart luxury. I'm trying to enlighten and educate people on the alternatives for spending money. Take diamond engagement rings for example. Most people are unaware how little a diamond will hold its value. It is actually one of the worst investments for you.


If you go to sell a diamond, you'll get anywhere between 5% and at the most 20% of what you paid for it. It would be much smarter to purchase a lab created diamond and save a lot of money. Then put that money towards something more important, like buying a house or starting a college fund for your future children.



JKD - How does smart luxury relate to your products? How are your women's business handbags made?


AH - My women's business handbags are hand made from cows that live freely. They live a very humane and natural life and this is reflected in the fine quality of the leather. It was very important for me to not source leather from slaughterhouses or use other animals and claim that it is cow leather.


Angelina Hart Grand Career Tote


A very popular male designer, whom I cannot tolerate, was recently busted for using dogs to produce his handbags. This sickened me when I found out about it. I never want my brand to be associated with any kind of inhumane slaughtering of innocent animals like that.


JKD - You mentioned diamonds earlier. Tell me about your jewelry line, Hartique Gems.


AH - It was very important for me to create my own line of lab-created gems. I called them Hartique Gems. By using lab created gems, we are forever preserving the Earth and its natural resources.


I have been against blood diamonds and the diamond industry for many years. I wanted to offer people an alternative. With my Hartique Gems, you get a perfect, flawless diamond that has the best color cut and clarity. They're eco-friendly and no one died in the making of them.


I do not believe that I life should be sacrificed in order to mine a diamond out of the Earth. We live in an age now where we can grow diamonds in a fancy microwave. No one needs to die anymore. If the mining of diamonds stopped today, there would be enough diamonds to supply the world for the next 20 years.


They are not rare like people have been brainwashed to believe. My Hartique Gems allow people to buy luxurious lab-created diamonds without having a guilty conscience. My jewelry is luxurious and beautiful. My designs have been inspired by some of the most famous jewelry pieces in history.



The slogan "a diamond is forever" is a lie. My Hartique Gems are forever,  forever preserving the Earth and protecting lives. That's what forever is for. If we don't protect what we have now and preserve what we have now, there will be nothing left and there will be no future.


JKD - Lastly, can you speak about your makeup brushes?  How are your makeup brushes made? 


AH - My line of professional makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free. I chose the finest all natural bristles that are sourced from animals that raised humanely. It costs me more to produce my makeup brushes this way, but it is worth it to me. Protecting the lives of animals is extremely important to me. I have been an animal rights advocate my whole life. 


Angelina Hart Makeup Brushes


JKD -  What is your definition of value today? How do your products reflect this? 


AH - I think it's important for everyone to realize the alternatives when shopping for luxury goods. We live in a time when it is no longer necessary to kill in order to produce luxury. Things can be replicated and manufactured. We can grow the perfect diamonds that have flawless color and clarity. This is the new way of manufacturing luxury-goods. I have created all of my products in an eco-friendly manner. We can all live luxuriously while preserving and healing the Earth.


"My women's business handbags are hand made from cows that live freely..."

Ultimate Women’s Leather Laptop Bag - A Journey To Perfection

My journey with the Grand Career Tote, the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag, began more than three years ago. I wanted to create the ideal handbag for professional businesswomen. 

I wanted a design that combined the functionality of a business tote and the beauty of a luxury leather handbag. Of course it had to be an elegant design hand made from the finest Italian leather hides by the most talented crafts people.

Early Development - Luxury Leather Handbag or Functional Laptop Bag?

During the first part of my journey, I studied the shapes and sizes of other luxury leather handbags as well as many women’s business tote bags. I examined their quality and functionality. I judged whether the bag was a good value. 

 I became an expert on leather quality, stitching and hardware. I had to measure and re-measure tablets, cell phones and laptops in order to design the perfect fitting pockets for each of those items. I became an expert on foam in order to determine the correct amount of padding on the interior pockets to protect the tablets and laptops. 

 Several different drop lengths were studied. The length of the shoulder straps are 23 inches. I specifically decided on this measurement in order for the handbag to fit comfortably on all body types. I was consumed by every detail that went into my Grand Career Tote. I truly wanted it to be the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag. All this work was the easy part.

Women’s Leather Laptop Bags – Is This Were The Fun Begins?

Most of my three-year journey with my Grand Career Tote was spent trying to find the most talented and skilled people to make the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag. I was looking for people who shared my belief of quality and perfection

 My design and vision for my Grand Career Tote is only as good as the next person I handed off to. That is a very critical reality. This began the next part of my journey. 

I worked with several different vendors all over the world only to be disappointed every time I received a sample of my luxury leather handbag. 

It’s very hard to build the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag if you’re getting samples back that are of poor quality, using cheap leather or stitched as if they were drunk and blind. 

Some of them flat out lied to me about the dying process of the leather. One vendor didn't have a roof and every time it rained, which was often, the hides would never dry. You would think that having a roof is pretty basic, but not for that unfortunate bunch. 

 I learned that it would have been easier for me to build a rocket ship from scratch! It wasted a tremendous amount of time, money and patience. And everyone who knows me knows that I have no patience. Do they sell patience at Neiman Marcus because I never bought any? 

I can't even count how many times I cried and wanted to give up. But I don't have any room in my life for defeat.

Functional Luxury Leather Handbags - Finally

Many countries later, I found a wonderful group of craftsman in Italy. They shared my same sense of quality, perfection and consistency. They take pride in their work just like I do. And together we produced the Grand Career Tote, the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag. 

I sourced the finest leathers from cows that live freely and their welfare is fundamental to the quality of their hides. I am an animal rights activist and will never compromise life for luxury. My natural process is reflected in the luxuriousness and quality of my handbags. I'm always telling people “Luxury Doesn't Kill”. 

The Grand Career Tote is the perfect solution for professional businesswomen. It is also is a great travel and overnight handbag. The front design of the Grand Career Tote features my signature diamond-stitching pattern. 

I also referred to it as my corset design. It is feminine, timeless and classic. It is a design that looks good today and will look good 20 years from now. It is a design that will never go out of style. 

The back of the handbag features a full-length rear pocket. This is my favorite place to slide my cell phone. There are no zippers to scratch your nails, rings or cell phone. The inside of my handbag is lined with my signature golden fabric. It is soft and silky to the touch. The light interior allows you to see and find your item easily. 

There are several interior side pockets for optimal organization. The removable center pouch is padded and adds added protection to whatever you place inside. I love putting all of my cosmetics, brushes and toiletries in my center pouch. It's very easy for me to remove that from my handbag and take into a bathroom. I set out to design the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag and finally, I feel I have something that achieves this goal. I love this handbag. It really is perfect.

I was never going to give up and I was never going to settle. I was going to create the best or nothing at all. It's been a long journey of hard work and frustration but I have finally arrived at my perfect destination. And now I want all of you to enjoy the results of all of my hard work. I want you to enjoy the Grand Career Tote for the wonderful, luxury leather handbag that it is.

“Together we produced the Grand Career Tote, the ultimate women’s leather laptop bag”

 The Grand Career Tote

Diamonds of Deception- Lies from the Diamond Industry

My Hartique Gems jewelry line promotes life. Luxury doesn't kill. I enjoy reading articles from others who share my opinion on diamonds. I hope my readers find this insightful and enlightening. 

Angelina Hart Blood Diamond

"People like to think that when they’re giving someone a diamond engagement ring, they’re harkening back to some glorious tradition passed down through the ages. In reality, they’re harkening back to a “tradition” that began less than a hundred years ago. A tradition created, conveniently enough, by a diamond cartel.

You see, in the 1930s, exactly no one was buying diamonds–what with it being the depression and all. People were ostensibly too busy hoarding tin foil and living in Hoovervilles to shower anyone with sparkly, overpriced gemstones. The DeBeers Corporation realized this was going to be kind of a problem for them, so they had to figure out a way to still sell some diamonds, what with the fact that they owned 90% of the world’s diamonds at that point and all.

In 1938, DeBeers hired America’s first advertising agency, N.W. Ayer & Son, to create what ended up being the world’s most successful marketing campaign in history. The strategy, first and foremost, was to link diamonds inextricably to the idea of love.  Despite the fact that few Americans could afford such a luxury at that time, the firm insisted “It is essential that these pressures be met by the constant publicity to show that only the diamond is everywhere accepted and recognized as the symbol of betrothal.”

They put diamonds on the engaged hands of Hollywood celebrities, pushed stories in the gossip rags about how big so and so’s diamond was, got movie studios to include diamond engagement rings as plot devices, went to high schools to talk to young men and women about getting engaged and how very important a diamond engagement ring was to the future of their relationships. The bigger and better quality of a diamond, the more a woman was loved.

The campaign was more than successful. Whereas in 1939, only 10% of engagement rings were diamonds, by 1980, 90% of them were.

They invented the process of buying a diamond engagement ring. In America, they said the ring ought to cost two months salary–whereas in England, they suggested one month and in Japan, three. They invented the idea of the 4 C’s– color, clarity, cut and carats. They invented the scarcity of the gemstones, which were actually available in abundance. Thus, they were able to charge far more than they were ever worth.

Diamonds Are Forever?


In 1948, Frances Gerety, a female copywriter at N.W. Ayers, created the slogan “A Diamond is Forever.” Not only is it one of the best known slogans of all time (and my favorite thing to sing at karaoke– I do a killer Shirley Bassey impersonation), it’s also one of the most successful.

You see, diamonds have no resale value, so, when you get one, it really is yours forever. Unless you want to take a big financial loss.

Part of this is because they actually have no intrinsic value. While there are diamonds that are “investment quality”–you probably don’t own one. If you were to try and sell a diamond, you’d actually have to sell it at less than wholesale. When you buy a diamond, it’s marked up 100% to 200%, so in order for the retailer to not take a loss on it, they can’t pay you too much for it.

The other part of it is due to more fancy marketing. You see, if a diamond is forever, if it is something to be cherished as a symbol of one’s undying love, no one wants anyone else’s old diamond. They want their own diamond. A new diamond, untainted by someone else’s failed love affair. Thus, everyone keeps buying new diamonds, and the market will never be flooded by the old ones. It’s an incredible marketing scheme, when you really think about it.

“Chocolate Diamonds?”


All of a sudden, we’re seeing a ton of commercials featuring fancy “Chocolate Diamonds.” What’s not to like, ladies? You like chocolate and also shiny objects! It is a match made in heaven!

Except it’s just more marketing bullshit.

Brown is the most common color of diamonds. For years and years and years, they were considered totally unsaleable. They were essentially worthless. No one wanted anything to do with brown diamonds. Then, someone decided to market them as “Chocolate Diamonds” and sell them for the same prices as other diamonds!

Oh, and also all the slavery


While we have a ban on conflict diamonds in this country, unless a company is like Tiffany’s and actually owns their own diamond mines, it’s almost impossible to really know if your diamond was mined by a child slave or not.

Even if it wasn’t, it’s the demand for diamonds in general that keeps the blood diamond trade going–so whether or not you actually purchase a conflict diamond, you’re still kind of contributing to the problem."

By Robyn Pennacchia

Ultimate Business Handbags - Behind the Design

Today we are celebrating the launch of the ultimate women's leather business handbags, the Grand Career Tote, with it's designer, Angelina Hart. Angelina and I sat down to discuss the genesis of her new design, her inspirations and what she hopes to achieve with her leather business handbags

JD- Since this is your first designer leather handbag, can you tell our readers a bit about your background, where you are coming from and how you got into designing women’s luxury products?

 AH - I grew up in a very European influenced home. Being half German and half Yugoslavian, I had a lot of exposure to different languages, cultures and food. This inspired me to travel and explore the world. I was also very adventurous growing up. I began riding horses at the age of four. I also developed a passion for fast Italian sports cars, motorcycles, flying airplanes, scuba diving, surfing, archery and shooting guns. I've been called the female James Bond. 


Angelina Hart as James Bond


In addition to my adventurous side, I also had a passion for the luxuries of life. My father always taught me that if you buy the very best of something that you can afford and you take care of it, it will last a lifetime. I developed a deep appreciation for quality, design, and style. After purchasing decades of luxury handbags, I decided to create my own. I drew inspiration from the top designers in Paris and Italy to create my own line of luxury handbags.

JD - I understand you were a collector for many years. How has that affected your designs?

AH - I have always loved leather handbags. That is my weakness, some women are addicted to shoes, but I am addicted to handbags. My closet looks like a luxury boutique. I have a wide collection of bags from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Furla, Fendi, Prada, Givenchy, Hermes, the list goes on. They are like beautiful pieces of art that I can wear. I appreciate their style and quality. There was always a little something that I wanted to change on those leather handbags.

For example, the metal zipper teeth on the interior pocket where you store a cellphone was very problematic. The metal teeth would scratch my phone, chip my manicure or catch on my ring. I felt that the pocket could be improved to avoid this problem. I started a list of fixes and improvements. I took everything from this list and created my own line. Designing leather handbags is a lifelong dream come true. I wanted to combine my designs with unparalleled quality and introduce my new luxury line to the world. 

JD - What would you say are your biggest influencers? 

AH - I am influenced by glamour. I’m influenced by timeless and classic style that will never go out of fashion. I am inspired by the era of the 20’s, the Gatsby style. When men and women dressed to the nine all the time. I love the idea of women dressing like ladies and men dressing like gentlemen. I look back at old movies and television shows for inspiration. I am very influenced by classic and timeless fashion mixed with the modern active woman.

I love classic fashion, for example, a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe that you can still wear today. Design of a certain quality never goes out of style. And I also draw on my hobbies for inspiration. My passion for yachting, Italian cars and dressage has inspired some of my upcoming handbags. There are certain aesthetic elements of those hobbies that translate into the design of my handbags. I want that to draw my customers into my world, to share my experiences and hopefully inspire women to adventurous.


Marilyn Monroe dress for Angelina Hart


JD - I see you travel quite a bit. Do you find that specific places influence your designs? How have you been influenced by locations?

AH - I love to travel and I have been to so many places all over the world. One of my favorite places is Monaco. I would move there tomorrow if I could. On my first trip, I went to the Casino de Monte-Carlo and was taken back by all the beauty that surrounded me. As I walked into the hotel, I felt like I was in a James Bond movie. I was waiting to see him pull up in his Aston Martin.

The view from the stunning Salle Blanche was my favorite. As I was playing Punto Banco, I felt so inspired and stimulated by everything around me. It was a memorable time of elegance and inspiration.


Angelina Hart in Monaco


JD - So all that adds up to the Grand Career Tote. Why should a woman choose the Grand Career Tote? What makes it the ultimate leather business handbag

AH - For many years I carried a designer bag and a briefcase at the same time. I felt like an alpaca. I was so delighted by my handbag but very embarrassed by my business bag. Business bags in the past have always been very masculine and ugly. Or they were feminine but of such poor quality.

I wanted to create the ultimate business handbag for career women: A perfect combination of beauty from the fashion world and all of the organization and functionality of a business tote. I wanted a bag that could transition from daytime to evening. This business handbag is the only bag you will need.

JD - The interior is very unique. Can you tell us about that?

AH - The interior was inspired by some of my favorite hotels in Europe. The striped satin interior is reminiscent of some of the softest and most luxurious sheets. The light golden interior compliments the beautiful cream accents on the exterior of the bag.

Having a light and bright interior makes it easier to find items in your bag. The elegance of the liner is something that separates a business handbag like the Grand Career Tote from other business tote out there. There is a level of glamor in the execution of this bag that is unique.


Angelina Hart Interior Grand Career Tote


JD - The bag seems extremely light, yet is still structured. How did you achieve this.

AH - As a business handbag, I wanted it to have structure, yet be lightweight and padded inside. I sourced special foam to create the structure that still allowed the bag to be lightweight. This was much more expensive an option to choose vs. what many other manufactures do. A business handbag has to be pretty and preform too. I can’t stand handbags that don’t have any structure at all or that weight too much for what they are.

You put all of your things in a bag like that and it becomes a huge mess. You might as well just carry around a trash bag! I think there should be a certain amount of organization with a business handbag. We need quick and easy access to our most common items, like keys and cell phones. Organization is important to professional, successful women.


Angelina Hart Grand Career Tote


JD- Visually, the design seems not to follow any trends. Was this a conscious choice? If so, why?

AH - Yes. I strive to design handbags that are not trendy. I prefer designs that are classic and timeless. I want my designs to have an eternal life. I have some Chanel bags that are over fifteen years old and still look modern today. I believe that if you buy a luxury handbag, it should never go out of style. It’s much harder to do something timeless, than something trendy. I like the challenge of that. Getting the Grand Career Tote right was certainly a challenge.

JD - Who do you see becoming fans of your brand? Is there a certain type of women you hope to reach?

AH - Since the Grand Career Tote is the ultimate business handbag, I can see professional women who are tired of carrying a fashion handbag and a business tote becoming huge fans. I can also see women who are a bit rebellious and think outside the box getting behind the brand as well. We’re not the European design houses. We’re something else, something different and something new with old world values and timeless design. A woman can make a statement carrying an Angelina Hart handbag and look amazing doing it.

JD- Are there any celebrities you’d like to design for?

AH - There are several actresses I would love to design for. They all have such different styles. Amy Adams, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson are a few of my favorite actresses. They all possess a timeless beauty, classic Hollywood. If I had to choose one to start with, it would be my all time favorite, Joan Collins. She is a fashion icon, forever classic and forever Alexis Carrington Colby. I loved her as Alexis in Dynasty! She has been an inspiration to me.


Angelina Hart influenced by Joan Collins


JD - So the Grand Career Tote your women’s leather laptop bag and the first piece of your bag collection. What should we be looking for next from Angelina Hart?

AH  - I have designed a series of handbags inspired by my adventurous lifestyle. The next handbag to be revealed is an equestrian inspired bag. There are also upcoming designs that are influenced by sailing and classic Ferraris. I can see doing additional business handbags as well.


Angelina Hart's Ferrari F12


"Business handbags have to be pretty and preform too"

The Real Cost of Real Diamonds

Angelina Hart Blood Diamond

How much did you pay to have a child murdered? Do you know what your diamond really costs?

So, what is the actual cost of murder? Yes, murder. That is what you paid for, not that worthless hunk of stone. You paid for the hard work of a child to mine your diamond out of the earth. You paid for the death of that child. All so you can have a shiny, over priced pressed piece of coal on your wedding finger, and most likely, it won't be on there forever and ever. You will spend more on your divorce lawyers than you did on your engagement ring. The disillusion of your eternal promises costs more that the murder of a South African child. A life for a rock. Is it worth it?

So, you have a diamond, ring or some piece of jewelry that you no longer want. You have decided to sell your expensive investment and hope to move on to better things. You know what you paid for it and you have your appraisal papers to show how it has gone up in value. So, you set out to sell your diamond with a smile on your face. You feel optimistic about your upcoming endeavor.

Reality time! Your bloody diamond is worth next to nothing! How can this be? You've been spending hundreds of dollars every year just to keep it insured. So, let's break it down.

Angelina Hart Blood Diamond

Your appraisal amount is almost double the retail price. So, you are paying extra for nothing to insure it every year. The offer price from all those “reputable jewelers” that promise they pay "top dollar" for diamonds is shockingly low. Many people in the  diamond industry are more than willing to lie and rip you off. The setting, the gold and platinum and accent diamonds are all considered worthless.


Last time I checked gold was selling for nearly $1300 an once. I would not call that worthless. It's just another way the industry rips you off.

The buyers only consider the price of the center stone. And the amount they are willing to pay will be the most shocking and insulting amount you can ever imagine. Used cars hold their value better than a diamond. Diamonds are the most unnecessarily inflated industry in existence. It's a far better investment to buy a vintage Ferrari and watch the beautiful Italian appreciate in value in your garage!

Pieces like Harry Winston, Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpels usually sell for around 30% of retail. Tiffany sells for about 25% of retail, and lesser known fine designer jewelry brands sell for closer to 15% to 20% of retail. 

Angelina Hart Blood Diamond

So, how much did it cost in the beginning, from the moment it was dug out of the earth in a place like South Africa? It costs nothing, no dollar amount. Mining organizations use forced child labor to mine the diamonds. The world's "richest" mine, the Jwaneng mine in Botswana, moves 8 million tons of rock a year and sells the rough diamonds for an average of $134 a carat. That's $1.5 billion in revenues, from a single mine. If all the mining stopped today, there are enough diamonds stockpiled to last 20 years or more.

Child workers are used as slaves since business owners exploit them as cheap employment to raise more profit. Diamonds have funded brutal wars in countries such as CAR, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone over the decades, resulting in the death and displacement of millions of people. Diamonds from war-torn areas get mixed in with others. Corrupt officials can forge certificates. Diamonds are easily smuggled.

The mining of the earth's resources and the blood that is spilled over diamonds needs to stop. I believe that luxury doesn't need to kill. I love having luxury items, but not at the expense of others lives. I proudly wear faux fur coats instead of real ones. I love wearing my Hartique Gems collection. All of the pieces are made with the finest quality and look beautiful. I don't have to worry about them loosing any value and I know that no one was killed making them! Be luxurious and respect all lives.

Angelina Hart Blood Diamond